An Artist Development Workshop

Month of September & October 2016

  1. Why we need to do this workshop:
    We are on a mission to spread Hindustani music globally. Music lovers around the world will get to know about our rich and exotic Indian music. We want to share our knowledge among the music lovers and learner around the world. Diversity of Indian Music. India Has a rich tradition of folk music ,Each region has own particular style, Couple of raga influences also there, For the educational purpose Indian classical music learning help to extend our vision . Singer and students from USA Cities are invited to take a part in a Singing Workshop and concert taught by Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Mentor.
  2. Who is going to do the Work Shop?
    Nirmalya Roy is Playback  Singer , Composer , Music Director , Groomer SA RE GA MA PA Reality show Mentor, He Performed with Pt.Ravi Shankar Ji, He trained students for a number of years  at  Illinois, Champaign University in world Music Department. He play back for so many movies and serials. He performed Banga Sammelan 2010. Theme Music composer & Singer Banga Sammelan 2014 & 2016 inauguration music. He is a scholar of ITC Sangeet Research Academy. Nirmalya Roy Founder of Music Mantra Institute. MMI has been created with the vision to become the pulse of our society. Beyond entertainment, it is the soundtrack for the current culture.
  3. What are the special feature of this workshop:
    Prepare the song according student choice & his/her Capacity , solo performances, karaoke performance
    Learn effective Voice Exercise for singers
    Combat stage-fright with relaxation and positive thinking strategies
    Develop authentic, heart-felt performance and story-telling through analysis and connection with lyrics and emotion of your songs
    Develop diction, Pitch correction,Vocal Health, correct posture. Perform in front of your fellow students and to build confidence and practice your skills
    Learn to sing harmonies,  improvise
    Practice singing and playing your instrument at the same time
  4. What is your need as an singer ?Is It true that if you learn Indian Classical Vocals then you can sing anything??Yes you will be technically equipped. This discipline will teach you how to get command on notes breathing range ornamentation tactics etc. Indian raga scale is equivalent of scales in western music it comes with rout of progressions. The different dimensions of the melody art form aesthetic musical philosophy etc. Perform an get instant professional feedback .Identify your signature qualities, learn how to increase your vocal strengths. Improve your live performance, presentable.
  5. Payment feature if 1/2/3/ or more
    For One day payment will be $100/class one to one class.(1 hour ), Group Class $55 /class
    Two days class        $80/class one to one class(1 hour), Group Class $55/class
    Three days class     $65/class one to one class (1 hour), Group class $55/class

    All You Need

    Computer with High-speed Internet connection
    Audio headset with microphone.
    Built-in or external webcam for video calls
    The following software installed:
    Electronic Tanpura or Tambura box will be in our website system

  6. If I am not singer or musicians should I join this workshop ?Non singer can Join the work shop. If you are music lover, You have interest to learn Music you can join.
  7. What we will learn in this workshop? Learn Classical, Semi Classical, Hindi old and new songs, Bengali old and new songs, Devotional song, Ghazaal, Folk Its depend on the student Interest and capacity . 1. Learn only Song ,Faculty member will teach one song in 2 classes 2.Learn about scale, range, Tala ( rhythm & time) ,raga, vocal technique, vocal health pitch correction and songs.Singer Nirmalya Roy is founded on the core principle that music should be in the hearts of everybody and that anybody who wishes to practice music should be able to do so without any hindrance. We believe that music and singing does not always have to lead to a career or profession. Rather, the pursuer of music needs to feel free to learn the art form and elevate him/herself to the highest level that she/he probably can. His mission therefore, is to provide everybody the music education, evaluation and grow the music. His mission is to combine the high quality teaching and  new ideas developed by this workshop.Incorporating the extensive knowledge of Mentor Nirmalya Roy , we intend to inculcate the culture of innovation through openness and observations, implementation of personal experiences through music, and ability to showcase the talent.

Aim of this work shop

A highly competitive and professional music program dedicated to the musical and personal growth of talented young musicians. A structured way to share the system with students and teachers across the country through workshops, publications.

Collect and curate successful music teaching from all sources and integrate them into the System, with the goal of continually improving upon it.

Empower people to make a difference through their music, making the world an even better place through the power of MUSIC.
What will you get from this work shop

Mentor Nirmalya Roy will gives you Vocal training ,How to increase vocal range ,proper breathing ,How to care of vocal health

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