Our Website students

At MMI, we are on a mission to take the talent of our students to India and globally. Through this website, we have uploaded performances of our 50 selected meritorious students. They will be able to upload their songs, live shows.

The proficiency level of the students are varying from basic to medium to professional level and thus it is attempted to have a space for every class of singers. In time, the students themselves can assess their improvement in their musical journey. We are also working on bringing up the next set of 50 students to be uploaded for your viewership.

Brief description of Website Student

Music Mantra Institute (MMI) is working since last 10 years as proper training institute to bring out young musical talent in India. In the present pilot project, 50 student videos with their performance are being upoloaded the MMI (Music Mantra Institute) official website for global promotion of the students. We have received exemplary reviews on the performance of the young musical outstanding performers from the industry. These students have been with MMI for a long time and MMI also is devoted to take these students to their musical dream.

At present, more than 200 students are taking training from this institute. Initially, we have introduced 50 students in our website in the 1st phase for global viewership. Watch out for our next phase, where we will introduce you to another 50 excellent talented performers.

We have all the facilities for promoting you as a professionally trained singer in Music Industries like as follows:

  1. Own  Music
  2. Own Musical Band
  3. Yoga
  4. Voice Training
  5. Vocal Therapy
  6. Medical Check-up
  7. Style of Singing  Presentation
  8. Training for Professionalism
  9. Training for all type of singing capability.
  10. Making Body language at Performing Stage

We invite you for a fun-filled musical journey and promote yourself through MMI.

Contact us : +91-8013352113.

e-mail Address: [email protected]