MMI is a promotional platform and a performing arts centre for all aspiring artists, regardless of their current skill levels. MMI opens its arms to all hopeful young musicians.

Global Music Project operates on the premise that art expresses a culture’s identity, informed by the past and envisioning new futures. MMI has been created with the vision to become the pulse of our society. Beyond entertainment, it is the soundtrack for the current culture.

MMI is deeply committed to excellence in musical education, performance and creative activity and to thecultural enrichment of the larger community. MMI inspires and empowers highly talented individuals to realizetheir potential. Advancement to positions of greater responsibility is based on an individual’s abilities anddemonstrated performance.

MMI Project intends to continue to promote cross-cultural appreciation and understanding through thepreservation of music. We will identify musical expressions throughout the world and record them. Special attention will go into marketing and packaging of this music, including exceptional sound quality, informative text, and breathtaking imagery. As we introduce new music of the younger generation. People can see their culture, their growth, how they see themselves as people identify with the human element of the music.

We are committed to all our MMI members in creating a platform for Singers and Musicians. Reality show starsingers will also get continuous exposure through this platform.