MMI Studio Presents Coffee House e Gaan | Episode 4

Coffee house e gaan is such a show that keeps in mind everything and designs their show just in that way! The recent episode that was aired had the theme of celebration of Mother Earth. Music Mantra Institute has brought to the viewer’s information less known to the masses which is a really good initiative because these lesser-known sides are beautiful and are not brought into attention by the mainstream shows.

The show started with a sand art that flaunts the unity between Hindu and Muslims with tricolour lighting behind the screen. While as much uplifting as the overall program is, they have not forgotten to mention the unity between the citizens of India as 15th august just passed a day earlier.

What a wonderful gesture and visual treat for the audience! That apart, the programme was focussed on mobilising sentiments in support of our planet, our Mother Earth, through music.

After the nostalgia invoking introductory music, we get to see the beautiful setup and get to know about We-Amra, a musical collaboration between India and the United States. This collaboration has given the opportunity to many young talents to be heard by the entire nation as well as by the other nations. The chief guest of this episode was Dr. Nibedita Ganguly who was greeted warmly by Nirmalya Roy, the host of the show who is a singer and music producer himself. Dr. Ganguly is the coordinator of We-Amra from the USA who takes out her precious time just for her love for music and for the improvement of the community.

We-Amra, as we get to know, is a universal project where original songs are composed and those are sung by the singers of India as well as of USA. Also, a book has been published along with a music CD which contains 40 original songs that can be purchased by the masses. This bond has been formed to educate the children and to make them much more aware of the present scenarios and to make them attentive to nature.

The first song that was brought to us was for the celebration of Mother Earth and to celebrate its prosperity. It was sung by Nirmalya himself, Ananya and Koushiki were in chorus accompanying him. The next song introduced an entirely new dimension in front of us, it was also about celebration and preservation of Earth, vocals were given by Ananya and Koushiki. The third song of the show was a song of dawn which was melodious and filled our hearts with joy and happiness just like the start of each morning. It was voiced by Aishwarya, and Tiyasha, Souvitaand Ankana were in chorus to accompany her melodious voice.

We then heard two happening songs that pumped us all with energy by Ananya and Koushiki. The last song was again for the celebration and for paying a tribute to Earth, sung by Nirmalya and the chorus accompanied him. The last song was an oath that we will protect earth and work for the betterment of it.

MMI has done a wonderful job and has achieved their motto of spreading the love for music among the masses without any competition, and is a very strong platform for upholding the talents and bringing together people with the same interest – MUSIC!

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