MMI Studio Presents | Coffee House e Gaan | Episode 3

“Coffee House” just these two words are enough to bring a flood of emotions in the minds of the Calcuttians. Isn’t it? Coffee House E Gaan allows people to relive the golden days and evoke the nostalgia when famous personalities used to gather in the coffee house and they used to have jamming sessions, just purely expressing their love for music, all types of music. Music Mantra Institue has come up with the beautiful idea of showcasing a platform that will just enjoy music and cherish it without any competition, without the strive for the best, without a winner and loser; people from different background come up to the platform just for singing and enjoying the beats.

Coffee House e Gaan | Music Mantra Institute
Coffee House e Gaan | Famous Kolkata Coffee House

When the show starts, an introductory theme video plays which highlight all the major components of Kolkata like the trams, the hand-driven Rickshaws, sights of the coffee house, the bazaars of Kolkata, just the introductory video is enough to take you into the lanes and bylanes Kolkata, it essentially reflects the cultural richness of Kolkata and the aspects of upholding the Bengali culture.

The young and lively host of the show, Nirmalya Roy is a music enthusiast himself and is seen enjoying every beat of the music played in the studio. He cordially invites everyone who comes on his show and encourages them for their bright future and their voice. The main agenda of this platform is to introduce budding singers to the masses; while the show is aired, contact details of the show are given which the singers can use to access the platform. The singers are given the chance to sing any song of their choice and the accompaniments are played by the band assigned to the show to heighten the terrific musical environment. Nirmalya Roy and Kornadhar are both linked to many influential people of the industry and thus they have taken the very first initiative of bringing up the raw talents in front of the established crème-de-la-crème of the music and entertainment industry, and try and form a link between them which is going to help both the industry and the fresh singers. A truly remarkable step for securing the future of music!

Coffee House e Gaan | Music Mantra Institute
Coffee House e Gaan Participants | Music Mantra Institute

Not just budding singers, the show also brings celebrity singers to this platform to present their songs, for this episode it was Srabani Sen. She sang so beautifully that it made the atmosphere beam even more and the audience get a visual and auditory treat. Along with that the new singers also have a chance of getting introduced to them. The host of the show makes the ambience very friendly and tries to make the singers very comfortable so they can gel with the band and can give their best. 

There is no particular genre of music played but three different genres of music are organised every week. This Sunday, the first song was presented by Baishali Sinha, a beautiful Hindi Sufi song that gave peace of mind to all. A soulful song was then presented by Malobi Song that uplifted everyone’s mood. Indranil Das with his powerful performance kept everyone nailed to their seats. Adriza Mondal with her beautiful song and perfect notes made us all hum along with her for sure! Lastly the little girl, Arna Patra with her folk song seemed to win all our hearts.

You can Find Baishali Sinha at:

Baishali [email protected]Twitter

Also Support [email protected]Youtube Page 

You can Find Adriza Mondal at:

Adriza [email protected]Twitter

Also Support [email protected]Youtube Page 

There are very few platform as this one that have sought to uplift young talents without the feeling of competitiveness and without the feeling of defeat that breaks a lot of budding hearts. 

The set-up of the show is very cosy and comforting, the lighting is very soothing, and there is nothing over the top. Coffee house e gaan really tugs at the strings of those hearts who may not have taken music as their profession but they have developed love for it and it is their passion. 

Your Sunday night will be filled with melody and harmony for thirty minutes when this show is aired on Ruposhi Bangla. It is a really pleasant way to spend your Sunday night.


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