Mentor’s Message

Music Mantra Institute (MMI) is a professional Cultural Unit.  where the learner get the proper training and also get  the promotion from the same platform to showcase their talent. Other than MMI  students  anybody can promote their talent. I invite all the music lover, Singer, Instrumentalist,  Band, creater Join with Us and spread the good Music .  MMI conducts all type of  Musical Event .
With more than 20 years of my personal experience as a singer I feel all singer need a platform to showcase their talent.Why creating such a platform when there are so many media and platforms are available these days. What is so special about MMI?
Yes, there are many platforms available but we are focusing on couple of things, i) scientific method and ii) proper assessment.
Features :
  • Learning and promoting yourself from the same platform
  • Guidance from renowned personalities.
  • Dedicated platform only for singers , musicians and creative Artist  .
  • Though the media and promotion is everywhere, it is very difficult to showcase the talent of the students under one platform. Here at MMI, we are having the vision and capability to bring all under one roof.
Also, part from website promotion, we are regularly organizing live shows, releasing audio CD’s and carrying out digital promotions for the artists.
As a mentor I feel my musical journey as far I have experienced in last 20 years, , I want to create the bridge to showcase the budding performers to the world.
I was born in such an environment where I had to prove certain level to practice music as my extracurricular activity. Later on , it became my only language .
I have had the opportunity to learn music from the world acclaimed artists and still I will be rather happy to acknowledge myself as a student and I love to share my experience with my students and with that vision I have opened this portal where everybody can share their knowledge and experiences and the new comers will be benefited by that.
New comers can upload their music and reach to our community.
Its pleasing to see the students of the institute are getting top positions in various platforms they are being acknowledged by the audiences. I believe this platform will serve this purpose in connecting the talented students to global music platform.
So let the music play!