Music Mantra Institute (MMI) is founded on the core principle that music should be in the hearts of everybody, and that anybody who wishes to practice music should be able to do so without any hindrance. We believe that music and singing does not always have to lead to a career or profession. Rather, the pursuer of music needs to feel free to learn the art form and elevate him/herself to the highest level that s/he probably can. MMI’s mission therefore, is to provide everybody the platform, education, evaluation and promotion, that they need to attain their ambitions as a musician.


MMI aligns the way the music industry works, Our mission is to combine the high quality teaching and result driven promotion with new ideas developed by our teachers and working members. Incorporating the extensive knowledge of our mentor Nirmalya Roy and his teaching staff, we intend to inculcate the culture of innovation through openness and observations, implementation of personal experiences through music, and ability to showcase the talent to the outside world.

The Long Term Vision:

Supports music education through our

  1. Musical instrument donation program,
  2. Scholarship program,
  3. Free Album Release video and Audio for underprivileged students
  4. Empowers people to make a difference through their donations or volunteering, making the world
  5. Students of the month: Every 6 month will have an “Outstanding” student that we will recognize in different areas. All our students/Performer are special, but we want to toot our horn about a few each month.. We want to recognize students who are changing their target/MMI Members is committed to recognizing students who meet the criteria of being safe, responsible, and respectful

The System:

  1. The system has been refined by over 20 years of review and development and has proven to yield positive results. It is now poised to radically change the landscape of modern music education.
  2. A great way of passively raising awareness of your upcoming shows.
  3. A highly competitive and professional music program dedicated to the musical and personal growth of talented young musicians.
  4. A structured way to share the system with students and teachers across the country through workshops, talent search, camps and publications.
  5. Collect and curate successful music teaching and promotion methods from all sources and integrate them into the System, with the goal of continually improving upon it.

Our mission will be accomplished through the realization of the following objectives:

  1. Promote, market and distribute the recordings globally.
  2. Continue to expand our internet community and global web presence and to reach artists who wish to showcase their work and connect them to a global audience.
  3. Global Music Project’s mission is to unite humanity through the power of music.
  4. Record music and video footage from developing cultures throughout the world.
  5. Promotes music by independent artists around the world
  6. Empower people to make a difference through their donations or volunteering, making the world an even better place through the power of MUSIC


Through funding from sources such as our corporate sponsors, donations, and grants, select cultures throughout the world will be recorded and preserved, allowing others to discover and enjoy them in other parts of the globe. As the public’s awareness of Global Music Project and its mission spreads, so will the awareness of the cultures it so carefully preserves. As MMI Project grows, it will record and preserve the music and cultures of more and more people. Additionally, its distribution will grow along with the awareness of its mission and the cultures it promotes. The music will be released on its own boutique record label, and the video footage will be released through our website.