Institute Policy

Policies for Online Class

At MMI,we are on a mission to spread Hindustani music globally. Music lovers around the world will get to know about our rich and exotic Indian music. We want to share our knowledge among the music lovers around the world.


Age is not a bar! At MMI, may what be your age, there is a well-defined, structured course for all age group of students. Students who enrol for any of the course will have to undergo pre- assessment by our faculty.

After the free pre-assessment test on the proficiency level, the students will be advised to join a particular level depending on his/her singing capability and performance on the assessment.

  • Our excellent trained faculty will assess each student in each course and guide them to the next level.
  • On successful completion, students will be awarded completion certificate from MMI.
  • The course will be scheduled based on the faculty availability.

Attendance policy

  • At MMI, we are sure you will not like to give a miss to any classes as it will be a fun-filled learning experience as we will take you a a beautiful musical journey.
  • Students at MMI are expected to attend all the classes and the students are expected to practice for at least 20 minutes every day.
  • The students are also encouraged to use the learn-by-yourself lessons given by the faculty for self-practice.

Make-up Class

A make-up class will be offered by the Institute if:

  • The faculty is unavailable for a class.
  • Technical problems from the Institute end.
  • Student requests a reschedule (Maximum of 2 classes will be provided in each course) .
  • The student needs to make an email request for a reschedule at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled class.
  • The Institute will strive to provide a make-up class before the next scheduled class to ensure continuity of the course. Also, note that the make-up class should be availed before the next scheduled class.
  • For any class that is missed by students. Institute is not responsible to take that class again. Student needs to send a mail to MMI. And we will check the availability of the time slot.


For any class that is missed by teacher, the Institute will send a recording for that class within 48 hours.

1-on-1 Class Policy

MMI offers 1-on-1 online classes:

  • In the 1-on-1 class there will be only one student .
  • The 1-on-1 class will be for 40 minutes and minimum 1 class per week.
  • During the enrolment process to a particular course, we will give a time slot option.

Payment policies

  • The Institute is entitled to make changes to policies, pricing, course content.
  • The Institute will attempt to provide reasonable notice to students of any changes.

Code of conduct

  • Students enrolling in Music Mantra Institute(MMI) assume an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the Institute’s function as an educational institution.

Physical Class Policy

  • Junior students within age group 4 to 7 years need not any pre-assessment.
  • MMI will provide sufficient musical equipment to allow all workshop rooms to have complete, working backline at all times.
  • You can enrol at any time during the month or year, we encourage students to start begin at the start of a 4 week unit.