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System Requirement

MMI makes high quality music education available from the convenience of home. All classes and Music material are conducted online.

Certificate Programs for Indian Classical Music

The whole music program is basically divided into 3 skill levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Under each level, there are several steps. Each step contains several lessons. Each lesson is taught to you by S R G M P reality show Mentor Nirmalya Roy, who is an accomplished classical and playback singer in his own right. You will also have access to many interesting self learning tools like a practice recorder and submit to us for a feedback .We also give you Karaoke, musical games etc. Assessments are conducted at the end of year and after the success, you will receive a certificate.

All You Need

  • Computer with High-speed Internet connection
  • Audio headset with microphone
  • Built-in or external webcam for video calls
  • The following software installed:
  • Electronic Tanpura or Tambura box will be in our website system

How It Works

Once enrolled, students receive an email with all the details on how to log in along with the information they need to get started.

Safe and Secure Payments

We accept payments by

Internet Banking system (ACH transfers)

Western Union Money Transfer


Assessments are conducted at the end of year and after the success, you will receive a certificate.

Rules and Regularity

Add to Skype ID nirmalya_roy4.

Admission fees and monthly charges depending on according to students level. Four class in a month  Class time will be fixed according to students and teachers convenience. Students has to come on their schedule time . If teachers miss the class we will arrange another class for student to make up that class. If student miss the class without any prior intimation We will charge for that class. Student can change their schedule once in a three months.

Virtual Class

Virtual classes/Live classes are usually held once a week. If Students wants to get two class In a week ,They needs to inform 1month before his schedule Class.At a time we attend one student. Students will experience a real classroom environment.

Assessments and Examinations

There will be regular assessments conducted by MMI. These examination and assessments are done roughly every two months in order to evaluate the progress of the student.Just like any structured education setting, the regular classes followed by examinations help you achieve the next level of skill and allows you to identify your weaknesses.


Self-study courses:

We will provide you a User Name and Password to Log In to the website. Student can choose a category of Music.There will be some videos from the mentor. The document based materials explain several key concepts and skills pertaining to singing – vocal range, tones, scales, etc. Depend upon your current skills, you will be made to practice Hindi and Bengali classical based songs, ghazals, light songs, pure classical and many other types that enhance your versatility as a singer.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to leave a message for our mentor. Your teacher will get back to your questions in the quickest possible time. He may also want schedule a time to talk to you directly.

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