Coffee House e Gaan Season 2 | Updates of 1st November 2020

Coffee house e gaan is known for bringing the unknown faces into the limelight with their platform. The platform has risen to give voice to the people who loves and celebrates music without competing for the throne. Everyone compliments each other and wants the best for everyone, unlike other shows where everyone is striving to be the best. There is no other show that can run parallel with Coffee house e gaan in terms of empathy for music. 

All of the music lovers come together and appreciate a platform which can also rightly be called a jamming session. One will be able to hear every genre of music in this show and it has a perfect blend of contents.

The episode aired on first November had enchanted everyone with a beautiful raga played by the host and should of the show Nirmalya Roy, he was accompanied by Sayan Ganguly who played electrical music, something every new and unique for the audience. Coffee house e gaan always have the effort of presenting new things to us, but at the same time they also try to keep alive the old traditional music. This effort should definitely be appreciated!

Next up we hear a budding talent, Rudrajeet who is clad in a folk attire, looks absolutely stunning, he presents a beautiful folk song. He is accompanied by two other boys of his age who sings in chorus to make the song even more melodious to our ears. Coffee house e gaan has always promoted kid’s talent and brought forward that the kids are not forgetting the traditional genres of music.

Again we hear a beautiful folk song by child artist Supritha who was accompanied by Jagruti and Sukanya in her song. She sang a song which was about Radha. Her melodious voice made us wander those days and the mischief of Lord Krishna. All of their outfits were coordinated, everyone beamed with joy and enthusiasm.

We get an idea of Lokgaan, this is a genre of music sung by many people in a community and thus it is known as the “Song of people”. Nirmalya explains the concept of lokgaan to the audience and the backstory regarding its name. This song was brought to us by Antara Ghosh.

Rabindra Sangeet is something everyone cherishes, and so does the next singer, Moumita! She sang a Rabindra sangeet that was composed in 1927, the lyrics were soothing and the music was serene.

The show ended with the song of a child artist, a girl from Taki, Orna. She sang the folk song that has originated from the tribes, Bihu. This genre of music makes us groove the minute we hear it; it has so much of energy and rhythm that anyone will groove to the beats and enjoy the song. Tribal dances are choreographed on these songs.

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