Coffee House e Gaan Episode 9 | What Happened On 20th September

Coffee House e Gaan presented by Music Mantra Institute studios has always lived up to its promises. A few broadcasts ago they said they will try to present more and more of renowned celebrities in front of us, in this jamming session and they have been doing just that! Episode after episode they are bringing faces that are known to us very well and whose voices are very close you our hearts; albums composed by these artists are highly appreciated by all and they reach everyone.

This episode featured a ton of artists all of whom are recognisable by everyone who have fallen in love with music. The show airs with Raghab Chattopadhyay on the stage along with Nirmalya Ray, the song that Raghab presented to us was closely based on Kolkata, and the people of Kolkata will highly resonate with the lyrics of the song which describes Kolkata very minutely. Kolkata has been called the queen of the Cities and every detail has been kept in mind while composing this song. After Raghab finishes his song in his wonderful voice Nirmalya requests him to visit again and Raghab appreciates the platform where all the artists can jam, irrespective of the fact they are professional singers or not, they are pursuing any other career or not, he appreciates this type of platform for the lovers of music.

In this episode of Coffee House e Gaan, we come across some known faces whom we have seen on the stage even before. One such face is of Srabani Sen, she fills the air with her soulful music, with her voice working like magic we all get some relief from our worries in life and  start to appreciate the moment we are living in!

The next song is sung by Nazmul Haq, he casts a spell over every audience with his powerful voice. The song that he chose to present depicted humanity which is almost lost in today’s world.

The next star of the show was everyone’s favourite Madhurima Dutta Chowdhury, she have grown among music and was born in a music family so it is like she has music in her blood, it is very evident from her beautiful voice, she has been on the show before and has expressed her love for Rabindra Sangeet, she sung a beautiful Rabindra Sangeet yet again today.

Lastly we had the pleasure of hearing Sukanto Acharya who presented a romantic song in front of us which is quite his genre of music. 

MMI studio have always tried to expand its genre of music and yet today we got to hear songs from such wide genres that we generally don’t get to see in any other show!

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