Coffee House e Gaan Episode 8 | What Happened On 13th September

Coffee House E Gaan presented by Music Mantra Institute studio never fails to revoke the nostalgia among people living in Kolkata with their introductory video which spans the domains of the Howrah Bridge, Coffee house and what not!

The show is beautifully hosted by the talented Nirmalya Roy and he always makes his guests feel easy so that the new rising singers never feel uncomfortable in singing in such a big platform. They have always tried to bring more and more mainstream singers in their show to give recognition to the budding ones.

The recent broadcast of the show featured the famous singer Madhurima, born in the family of music and she have aced in music from her childhood. We get to hear a song from her soulful voice which was so calming and soothing to our ears. She sung from one of her albums, Robisoshi, she also commented that the song is very dear to her and shared her thoughts on it.

As MMI studio loves to toggle between the different genres of music so that there is no flat tune in the show; next we get to hear a very rocking experimental folk song which energizes the atmosphere and gives the show a great kick! The song was brought to us by Aniruddha a budding young star.

We see a very familiar face, Monalika, she have visited the show many times previously. We have seen Monalika sing Rabindra Sangeet but in this episode she presented to us a folk song with her beautiful voice. This song is heard by majority of the folk lovers and is highly appreciated but that did not bow her down and she sang confidently and we could see a very bright singer in her, besides her versatility sets her apart!

After such rocking and energetic songs we were presented with a very calming folk which was used to wake up Radha who was in deep love with Lord Krishna. The song is very peaceful and takes our mind off everything else, it also reduces the stress to some extent. Sneha was very successful in presenting the song to us, Jagruti and Supritha who accompanied her deserves equal pleasantries.

Next up was another Rabindra Sangeet which is known to almost everyone, even people living abroad who love music will not fail to identify the song was presented by Moumita. 

Nirmalya brings a very important fact into the limelight that even people from different countries are connecting to them and they desire to come to the show to bring together their love for music. This statement brings immense joy to everyone as we would love to see people of different culture coming to present their genre of music in front of us.

The ending of the show could not be any more perfect than it was!

The show Coffee House e Gaan was ended on a classical note by a very powerful voice and she was accompanied by a few others. The atmosphere was simply breathtaking!

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