Coffee House e Gaan Episode 7 | Music Mantra Institute

We have seen Coffee House E Gaan evolve through the days of its broadcast. People who have been watching this show from episode 1 know how the show was then and how much development they have made since then! Music Mantra Institute leaves no effort to take to show to greater and greater heights.
The show features special guest appearances of many famous personalities, this episode featured Raghav Chattopadhaya, a face known to all in the city of Kolkata. People from all era always gets excited to hear him sing. In the stage, he sang a bit of unique song whose genre was a rock but the lyrics were just soothing to our ears, his song was all about praising India and Indians who consider the nature to be our mother and father; here the rivers are given the status of the mother and many more such metaphors were used to portray our love and respect for nature. Here Nirmalya, the host of the show talks about how sensitive musicians are about everything and somehow every person could connect to those words; when it comes to our country all of us are a tad sensitive.
As we all know that coffee house e Gaan does not stick to a particular genre but they shuffle between several genres in a single episode, so that it is pleasant to all audiences. The next song was a folk song by Sneha Pramanik, she was a little girl and we were amused for her love and grip on music at such a tender age!
We hear Rabindra Sangeet in Ayan’s voice that also seemed to have an immense grip over his voice and music. He sang beautifully along with some other kids who accompanied him.
Next, we see hear another beautiful folk song by Srijani and a few kids who accompanied her, their look was breath-taking and her voice reflected the folk culture at a really young age.
Coffee House E Gaan has been so successful in promoting their theme which is to love music and they bring that love without any competition which is such a noble cause and that’s why we get to see people from all the corners of the world. We also see Moumita who came from Bangalore to express her love for Rabindra Sangeet. She sang her favourite Rabindra Sangeet and told her love for this will never end.
Lastly, we see another beautiful little girl, Orna who again took us to the Folk World with her powerful yet soothing voice.
As we can see day by day Coffee House e gaan is evolving and making us love it even more and more we expect it will develop even more in the further days.

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