Coffee House e Gaan Episode 6

Our Sundays now feel incomplete without spending 30 minutes in front of our TVs watching Coffee House e Gaan, the beautiful initiative taken by Music Mantra Institute. Every week they come up with something so unique and close to our hearts that we cannot even afford to miss the telecast.

This episode was all about the globalisation of music and how music can be felt even without knowing the language. 

The show starts with music that was sung by our dear host Nirmalya Roy and the special guest of the show, Sayan Ganguly played the accompaniments. He sang the Tilnana, which was soothing as well as energizing. You do not need to know the language as it is only the music and the beats that you need to feel while you close your eyes and open your ears to the music. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and serenity as the two talked about the globalisation of the Bengali language and how extensively both of them have worked for that to happen. Both the host and the guest have travelled places in the world for spreading the love for music and their love was quite evident!

We saw an amalgamation of the new age music and classical music as we saw Nirmalya sing along with Sayan. The era of new music is gradually keeping its foot in the world.

This episode was mostly kids singing, and they were encouraged to keep the classic old school music alive. We see little Rurajeet who sang the folk song with all his energy, his love for music was visible as he grooved along with singing. It was a great comfort to see how kids were adapting to the old genres of music and keeping them alive with their passion.

Monalika showcased her love for Rabindra Sangeet by singing a soulful melody composed by Rabindranath Tagore. Shreyan, again a little kid sang his favourite Sufi song and was accompanied by two little mates in chorus. Next, we heard a folk song from Antara.

Again coming back to the theme of the show that was world music we heard a Jugalbandi of Shri Madhu Barman and Shri Gopal Barman. These two personalities are well known for playing their instruments, Tabla and khol, worldwide; and seeing them is such a golden opportunity that Music Mantra Institute brings in front of us. By hearing their music, shivers ran down my spine and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ending the episode on such a melodious note makes me even eager for what they have in store for the next episode of Coffee House e Gaan!

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