Coffee House e Gaan Episode 5

The episode of 23rd august was aired with the motive of globalization of the Bengali language. The Music Mantra Institute and the other members of the production team are surely trying to reach out to the music lovers in all corners of the world and are especially trying to strike a chord in the hearts of all the Bengalis around the globe.

This episode was a continuation to the previous episode and featured the objects and lessons of We-Amra that is a Musical Collaboration between India and the USA. The chief guest of this show was Dr.NibeditaGanguly who is also a part of We-Amra, she has composed numerous songs regarding Mother Nature and also Bengali language, and she actively participates to move this organization forward. She shares the two main lessons that are given to the children who are associated with We-Amra, first is to love and protect Mother Nature who gives us life and provides us with health and prosperity and the next is to love thy Mother tongue and not be afraid to flaunt it in front of other countries. This show not just brings together the music lovers but is also working to take the Bengali language and culture to greater heights globally.

We-Amra is getting appreciated globally and they are getting called to various countries to perform there, this is causing the dilution of the global wall with the help of music. Kids who are associated with this organization are getting to know the culture of different places and are learning to respect that, which is a great opportunity.

The musical evening started with a unique song which has been composed with the motive of teaching the Bengali alphabets in a different manner, through a song. This is sung by a chorus of kids who refreshed everyone’s mood, a great way to begin!

The second song is composed, keeping in mind the young souls that are associated with the organization, the teens. Teenagers love a party song, so this song that was sung by Koushiki had a party element to it.

Next was an animal song about an owl which was presented to us by Jagriti a little heart in yellow. She poured her soul out to sing the song and watching her portraying the features of the owl was a delight! Then we see another little girl, Supritha singing a nature song with the sound of spluttering and she enjoyed so much while singing, everyone who heard and saw her, enjoyed as well.

The song that was up next carried a very thoughtful message that is very important in recent days, a song to prevent self-destruction in humans. This song promotes the thoughts of self-love and encourages the people to stop hurting themselves along with Mother Earth. It was beautifully presented by Tanmay who is a folk singer.

The spaceship song was up next which had an out of the world context, literally! The song was written in such a way that kids would cherish; it was sung by Koushiki. The remarkable aspect of this song was the sound effects that left us all speechless!

The last song of the show was a folk song again that would encourage the masses to own up their mother tongue and to appreciate the Bengali language. This song was made for upholding the Bengali language in foreign countries and for people to embrace their culture.

Overall the programme has been created to encourage a sense of celebration of the Bengali culture and music. It is very different from the other music shows which are centred on a competition with a winner in the end. But in this show everyone is a winner, there is no competition but a celebration of participation, and a great bit of encouragement for the younger generation to participate, enjoy the experience and promote their love for music.

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