Coffee House e Gaan Episode 10 | What Happened On 27th September

As the show is moving forward and gaining limelight they are trying to incorporate more and more known faces into their platform, and their sole motive being to promote the new singers to the masses. Nirmalya Roy the host of the show, Coffee house e gaan throws light to the fact that they are trying to promote all types of singers and are trying to boost their moral so that they can pursue their passions.

The show opens with RaghabChattopadhyay, a voice and face probably we all know. He expresses his gratitude towards the show and appreciates the platform where every type of singer has a voice and that they get to present it in the industry where the show will help them get recognised. When Raghab is asked to give a “word of the wise” to the budding singers he simply states that one should never forget the love for music and should pursue that love, and not the fame that most people are after. How true and humble of him! We all know that fame does not last long but love for something is eternal!

Raghab starts his song thereafter; after a bit of friendly chit-chat with Nirmalya; their hearty conversation about the current affairs gives the audience something to gossip among themselves and keep them occupied. Raghab voices the song that he has helped compose and music. His powerful voice keeps all the audience fixated at their Television screens, his experience and his love for music is clearly evident with the he sings.

One thing that no other shows can match to Coffee House e gaan is that after a break session they resume with music directly, no gaps, no talking just music, it is something that the music lovers like me, enjoy a lot after a hefty break. After the break we get to hear a classical piece by Nirmalya accompanied by SayanGanguly who plays via electrical instrument. They make a mash-up of classical music with the modern age electronic music.

Oh! What a treat it was to get that two jammed in together, something that is rarely found and just as unique as the show is.

Now it was time for some amalgamation of Folk songs of different genres. We hear an amalgamation of Jhumur song and a tribal song presented to us by Pranab from Assam and Srimanti from Purulia respectively. It was something that the entire audience including me had never heard in the past, the music was exciting yet calm;Pranab’s voice was soothing as well as attentive and filled with energy.

Next again we hear from Pranab, a Bihu song which totally gets the audience up from their feet. The song had such strong beat that no one could resist but dance and enjoy, I surely enjoyed it form I television screen, enjoyed and grooved to every bit!

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