Coffee house e gaan is known for bringing the unknown faces into the limelight with their platform. The platform has risen to give voice to the people who loves and celebrates music without competing for the throne. Everyone compliments each other and wants the best for everyone, unlike other shows
As the show is moving forward and gaining limelight they are trying to incorporate more and more known faces into their platform, and their sole motive being to promote the new singers to the masses. Nirmalya Roy the host of the show, Coffee house e gaan throws light to the
Coffee House e Gaan presented by Music Mantra Institute studios has always lived up to its promises. A few broadcasts ago they said they will try to present more and more of renowned celebrities in front of us, in this jamming session and they have been doing just that! Episode
Coffee House E Gaan presented by Music Mantra Institute studio never fails to revoke the nostalgia among people living in Kolkata with their introductory video which spans the domains of the Howrah Bridge, Coffee house and what not! The show is beautifully hosted by the talented Nirmalya Roy and he
We have seen Coffee House E Gaan evolve through the days of its broadcast. People who have been watching this show from episode 1 know how the show was then and how much development they have made since then! Music Mantra Institute leaves no effort to take to show to