Coffee House e Gaan Season 2 | Updates of 1st November 2020

Coffee house e gaan is known for bringing the unknown faces into the limelight with their platform. The platform has risen to give voice to the people who loves and celebrates music without competing for the throne. Everyone compliments each other and wants the best for everyone, unlike other shows where everyone is striving to be the best. There is no other show that can run parallel with Coffee house e gaan in terms of empathy for music. 

All of the music lovers come together and appreciate a platform which can also rightly be called a jamming session. One will be able to hear every genre of music in this show and it has a perfect blend of contents.

The episode aired on first November had enchanted everyone with a beautiful raga played by the host and should of the show Nirmalya Roy, he was accompanied by Sayan Ganguly who played electrical music, something every new and unique for the audience. Coffee house e gaan always have the effort of presenting new things to us, but at the same time they also try to keep alive the old traditional music. This effort should definitely be appreciated!

Next up we hear a budding talent, Rudrajeet who is clad in a folk attire, looks absolutely stunning, he presents a beautiful folk song. He is accompanied by two other boys of his age who sings in chorus to make the song even more melodious to our ears. Coffee house e gaan has always promoted kid’s talent and brought forward that the kids are not forgetting the traditional genres of music.

Again we hear a beautiful folk song by child artist Supritha who was accompanied by Jagruti and Sukanya in her song. She sang a song which was about Radha. Her melodious voice made us wander those days and the mischief of Lord Krishna. All of their outfits were coordinated, everyone beamed with joy and enthusiasm.

We get an idea of Lokgaan, this is a genre of music sung by many people in a community and thus it is known as the “Song of people”. Nirmalya explains the concept of lokgaan to the audience and the backstory regarding its name. This song was brought to us by Antara Ghosh.

Rabindra Sangeet is something everyone cherishes, and so does the next singer, Moumita! She sang a Rabindra sangeet that was composed in 1927, the lyrics were soothing and the music was serene.

The show ended with the song of a child artist, a girl from Taki, Orna. She sang the folk song that has originated from the tribes, Bihu. This genre of music makes us groove the minute we hear it; it has so much of energy and rhythm that anyone will groove to the beats and enjoy the song. Tribal dances are choreographed on these songs.

Coffee House e Gaan Episode 10 | What Happened On 27th September

As the show is moving forward and gaining limelight they are trying to incorporate more and more known faces into their platform, and their sole motive being to promote the new singers to the masses. Nirmalya Roy the host of the show, Coffee house e gaan throws light to the fact that they are trying to promote all types of singers and are trying to boost their moral so that they can pursue their passions.

The show opens with RaghabChattopadhyay, a voice and face probably we all know. He expresses his gratitude towards the show and appreciates the platform where every type of singer has a voice and that they get to present it in the industry where the show will help them get recognised. When Raghab is asked to give a “word of the wise” to the budding singers he simply states that one should never forget the love for music and should pursue that love, and not the fame that most people are after. How true and humble of him! We all know that fame does not last long but love for something is eternal!

Raghab starts his song thereafter; after a bit of friendly chit-chat with Nirmalya; their hearty conversation about the current affairs gives the audience something to gossip among themselves and keep them occupied. Raghab voices the song that he has helped compose and music. His powerful voice keeps all the audience fixated at their Television screens, his experience and his love for music is clearly evident with the he sings.

One thing that no other shows can match to Coffee House e gaan is that after a break session they resume with music directly, no gaps, no talking just music, it is something that the music lovers like me, enjoy a lot after a hefty break. After the break we get to hear a classical piece by Nirmalya accompanied by SayanGanguly who plays via electrical instrument. They make a mash-up of classical music with the modern age electronic music.

Oh! What a treat it was to get that two jammed in together, something that is rarely found and just as unique as the show is.

Now it was time for some amalgamation of Folk songs of different genres. We hear an amalgamation of Jhumur song and a tribal song presented to us by Pranab from Assam and Srimanti from Purulia respectively. It was something that the entire audience including me had never heard in the past, the music was exciting yet calm;Pranab’s voice was soothing as well as attentive and filled with energy.

Next again we hear from Pranab, a Bihu song which totally gets the audience up from their feet. The song had such strong beat that no one could resist but dance and enjoy, I surely enjoyed it form I television screen, enjoyed and grooved to every bit!

Coffee House e Gaan Episode 9 | What Happened On 20th September

Coffee House e Gaan presented by Music Mantra Institute studios has always lived up to its promises. A few broadcasts ago they said they will try to present more and more of renowned celebrities in front of us, in this jamming session and they have been doing just that! Episode after episode they are bringing faces that are known to us very well and whose voices are very close you our hearts; albums composed by these artists are highly appreciated by all and they reach everyone.

This episode featured a ton of artists all of whom are recognisable by everyone who have fallen in love with music. The show airs with Raghab Chattopadhyay on the stage along with Nirmalya Ray, the song that Raghab presented to us was closely based on Kolkata, and the people of Kolkata will highly resonate with the lyrics of the song which describes Kolkata very minutely. Kolkata has been called the queen of the Cities and every detail has been kept in mind while composing this song. After Raghab finishes his song in his wonderful voice Nirmalya requests him to visit again and Raghab appreciates the platform where all the artists can jam, irrespective of the fact they are professional singers or not, they are pursuing any other career or not, he appreciates this type of platform for the lovers of music.

In this episode of Coffee House e Gaan, we come across some known faces whom we have seen on the stage even before. One such face is of Srabani Sen, she fills the air with her soulful music, with her voice working like magic we all get some relief from our worries in life and  start to appreciate the moment we are living in!

The next song is sung by Nazmul Haq, he casts a spell over every audience with his powerful voice. The song that he chose to present depicted humanity which is almost lost in today’s world.

The next star of the show was everyone’s favourite Madhurima Dutta Chowdhury, she have grown among music and was born in a music family so it is like she has music in her blood, it is very evident from her beautiful voice, she has been on the show before and has expressed her love for Rabindra Sangeet, she sung a beautiful Rabindra Sangeet yet again today.

Lastly we had the pleasure of hearing Sukanto Acharya who presented a romantic song in front of us which is quite his genre of music. 

MMI studio have always tried to expand its genre of music and yet today we got to hear songs from such wide genres that we generally don’t get to see in any other show!

Coffee House e Gaan Episode 8 | What Happened On 13th September

Coffee House E Gaan presented by Music Mantra Institute studio never fails to revoke the nostalgia among people living in Kolkata with their introductory video which spans the domains of the Howrah Bridge, Coffee house and what not!

The show is beautifully hosted by the talented Nirmalya Roy and he always makes his guests feel easy so that the new rising singers never feel uncomfortable in singing in such a big platform. They have always tried to bring more and more mainstream singers in their show to give recognition to the budding ones.

The recent broadcast of the show featured the famous singer Madhurima, born in the family of music and she have aced in music from her childhood. We get to hear a song from her soulful voice which was so calming and soothing to our ears. She sung from one of her albums, Robisoshi, she also commented that the song is very dear to her and shared her thoughts on it.

As MMI studio loves to toggle between the different genres of music so that there is no flat tune in the show; next we get to hear a very rocking experimental folk song which energizes the atmosphere and gives the show a great kick! The song was brought to us by Aniruddha a budding young star.

We see a very familiar face, Monalika, she have visited the show many times previously. We have seen Monalika sing Rabindra Sangeet but in this episode she presented to us a folk song with her beautiful voice. This song is heard by majority of the folk lovers and is highly appreciated but that did not bow her down and she sang confidently and we could see a very bright singer in her, besides her versatility sets her apart!

After such rocking and energetic songs we were presented with a very calming folk which was used to wake up Radha who was in deep love with Lord Krishna. The song is very peaceful and takes our mind off everything else, it also reduces the stress to some extent. Sneha was very successful in presenting the song to us, Jagruti and Supritha who accompanied her deserves equal pleasantries.

Next up was another Rabindra Sangeet which is known to almost everyone, even people living abroad who love music will not fail to identify the song was presented by Moumita. 

Nirmalya brings a very important fact into the limelight that even people from different countries are connecting to them and they desire to come to the show to bring together their love for music. This statement brings immense joy to everyone as we would love to see people of different culture coming to present their genre of music in front of us.

The ending of the show could not be any more perfect than it was!

The show Coffee House e Gaan was ended on a classical note by a very powerful voice and she was accompanied by a few others. The atmosphere was simply breathtaking!

Coffee House e Gaan Episode 7 | Music Mantra Institute

We have seen Coffee House E Gaan evolve through the days of its broadcast. People who have been watching this show from episode 1 know how the show was then and how much development they have made since then! Music Mantra Institute leaves no effort to take to show to greater and greater heights.
The show features special guest appearances of many famous personalities, this episode featured Raghav Chattopadhaya, a face known to all in the city of Kolkata. People from all era always gets excited to hear him sing. In the stage, he sang a bit of unique song whose genre was a rock but the lyrics were just soothing to our ears, his song was all about praising India and Indians who consider the nature to be our mother and father; here the rivers are given the status of the mother and many more such metaphors were used to portray our love and respect for nature. Here Nirmalya, the host of the show talks about how sensitive musicians are about everything and somehow every person could connect to those words; when it comes to our country all of us are a tad sensitive.
As we all know that coffee house e Gaan does not stick to a particular genre but they shuffle between several genres in a single episode, so that it is pleasant to all audiences. The next song was a folk song by Sneha Pramanik, she was a little girl and we were amused for her love and grip on music at such a tender age!
We hear Rabindra Sangeet in Ayan’s voice that also seemed to have an immense grip over his voice and music. He sang beautifully along with some other kids who accompanied him.
Next, we see hear another beautiful folk song by Srijani and a few kids who accompanied her, their look was breath-taking and her voice reflected the folk culture at a really young age.
Coffee House E Gaan has been so successful in promoting their theme which is to love music and they bring that love without any competition which is such a noble cause and that’s why we get to see people from all the corners of the world. We also see Moumita who came from Bangalore to express her love for Rabindra Sangeet. She sang her favourite Rabindra Sangeet and told her love for this will never end.
Lastly, we see another beautiful little girl, Orna who again took us to the Folk World with her powerful yet soothing voice.
As we can see day by day Coffee House e gaan is evolving and making us love it even more and more we expect it will develop even more in the further days.